Neelam Saxena

MA (Eng.),BEd,MEd,Mphil(Eng.)Mphil(Psy.)

Principal, HKIS, Jaipur


Welcome to the HKIS!

We welcome children, regardless of race, religion or background, providing their level of English allows them to access our curriculum. Academic selection plays a very small part in our admissions process and where possible, we will offer support for children with specific learning needs. First-class results are important to us, but we take the balanced view that we should aim to educate our pupils more profoundly than simply for achievement in the examinations. As they learn and grow, we aim to equip each individual with key skills and attributes in accordance with our concept of the HKIS learners program. Making use of a range of learning styles, we challenge and encourage both teachers and students to develop their capacity and passion for learning. The recruitment and retention of outstanding classroom practitioners will always be a priority.

A large part of a child’s active life is spent in the school, However, every child gets his/her emotional stability from the parents. It is the parent’s attitude that a child absorbs. The interact and time that parent invests in children are crucial for their development. I request you to spend fifteen minutes if not more with your child, talking to him/her about his/her day in the school. Try to create a sense of purpose in the children and be their friend. Encourage your child to do his/her work regularly from day one. Please do attend the PTM (Parents Teachers Meet) regularly. You are welcome to meet the teachers by appointment if there is any urgency. And also please go through the almanac for information about the rules and regulations of the school and encourage your child to follow them.



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